Corporate Social Responsibility


2014 will be well remembered in Worldline as the beginning of our Corporate Social Responsibility journey and our first step in the consolidation of our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment. For our first Corporate Social Responsibility report, we received the GRI G4 comprehensive certification, which is proof of our strong Management commitment and our team mobilization to provide high quality and transparent information.



Our focus is to seamlessly integrate sustainability within our business practices. This is why we have worked in close contact with our stakeholders to set our challenges:


  • Building client’s trust with available and secured platforms and reinforcing value for clients through sustainable and innovative offers;
  • Being a responsible employer by revealing our employees’ potential;
  • Endorsing our business ethics within our value chain;
  • Leveraging the eco-efficiency of our data centers and offices.


Marc-Henri Desportes, Worldline's General Manager,
shares his views on our CSR journey.


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