ACU 2013

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21st Asian Cards User Conference

5th to 8th December 2013
Indonesia - Yogyakarta


Windows of Opportunities
The credit card business is evolving fast and today banks are facing challenges from multiple fronts. Regulators around the world are tightening on the policies, sometimes eroding profitability, and there is increased competition from non-banks coming into the payments spaces. There has never been a greater need for banks to innovate and leverage on innovative platforms to reach out to the consumers.


ACU gives you the right platform to gain insight into innovative products, payments landscapes and trends to keep pace with.


What Drives Performance and Growth?
The emergence of new technologies offer banks a plethora of ways to communicate with their customers - online, mobile or via most prevalent customer touch-points. This has drastically increased the scope of coverage when banks plan for their customer-centric offerings. It is of paramount importance for banks to keep abreast of and harness these new technologies to carve a niche for themselves and differentiate themselves from the pack and to improve on their bottom-line.


Security Challenges in Financial Business
These new ways of interaction with the consumers has also brought about new challenges related to information security. Let our expert speakers share important in-sights into topics related to security challenges faced by financial businesses.

It is at the conference where our expert speakers perform deep-dive on the topics and help to identify the key priorities for 2013 and beyond!


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