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modernising payment infrastructures

In a new globalized community, consumer expectation is continuously increasing. With new delivery channels and new products, consumers demand innovative, easy to use and dependable payment instruments that are widely accepted. These expectations can be summarized in two words: anytime, anywhere.


Worldline Pay is an advanced software licensing solution that combines functional flexibility through parameterization and self-customization capabilities with proven production stability. It’s the best choice for modernizing your payment infrastructure and answering you consumers’ expectations.



Worldline Pay highlights


  • Face-to-face payment wallets, which use near-field communication (NFC), Bluetooth, or other technology to transmit authorization information from the user’s mobile device to the POS electronic payment terminal
  • Debit, Prepaid and Charge Card Issuing: Origination and lifecycle management, Transaction processing, Clearing & Settlement
  • Exception Management: Transaction Identification, Case Management, Dispute Management, Workflow Configuration
  • Switching and Authorization: Multi-Channel Management, Message Switching, Authorization
  • Fraud Management: Rules based Fraud Management for Acquirers and Issuers, with real-time detection and prevention capability
  • ATM Acquiring: ATM Management, Terminal Handling, Message Switching, ATM Monitoring
  • POS Acquiring: Device Management, Terminal Handling, Data Capture, Message Switching
  • e-Commerce: Merchant Integration, 3D Secure Enrolment and ACS functionality, Transaction Encapsulation, Message Switching
  • Compliance: Worldline Pay is PCI PA-DSS certified and EMV compliant

Worldline is capable of delivering a range of additional licensed solutions including:

  • Credit Card Management
  • Loyalty & Rewards Management
  • SEPA Payment Suite solutions
  • Online Payments Gateway
  • Test and Simulation Tools

Key fact:

140 payment businesses and organizations worldwide are using our software solutions. We are number #1 in card payments in Asia Pacific.



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